Swarming Pheasants is located on the north
side of Cottonwood Lake, only 12 miles south
and west from Redfield, South Dakota ~
"Pheasant Capital of the World".  
We offer ...
Guided hunting for deer and pheasants on
1800 acres of privately owned family land.  
Rolling hills, acres and acres of trees, tree
strips, food plots, water holes and grasses
make for a fruitful and enjoyable hunt.
** The land and tree plots have been established for wildlife over the past 25 years **

** The acreage and scenery are an experience to behold by themselves.  Pheasants
and Whitetail deer abound.  The land, habitat, and terrain are an absolute paradise for
pheasants.  You will find it has also become a magnet for large numbers of Whitetail
bucks.  Whatever you come to hunt, you will definitely have the hunting experience
of your lifetime.  We only hope that the shock of seeing so much wildlife in one place
will not hinder you from taking the
shot of your life!! **
Swarming Pheasants
Your favorite place to hunt!
"...definitely the hunt of my life time."  M.S., Wisconsin
to view a YouTube
video about Swarming